Why Grip Pod®?

Why Grip Pod®?

Durability TestedGrip Pods® are vertical grip attachments designed for use with assault rifles. What makes them special is that they have spring loaded bi-pods. This transforms the rifle into a much more versatile weapon. These grip attachments are very popular in the military and law enforcement.

Unlike conventional vertical grips, the Grip Pod® allows the gun to be used from a seated position. There is a very simple snap and release design that exposes the bi-pod function. This lets the rifle be used on the ground without having to attach a formal sniper bi-pod.

The side of the Grip Pod® has a thick button with a textured design. This added traction is important in case it is raining or windy. Pressing the button deploys the bi-pod. The rifle is then capable of being stabilized on the ground, a table, or any other surface.

The main objective in using a bi-pod system is to stabilize the weapon. A shooter who is lying prone, or sitting, will want something to steady the rifle with. Regular vertical grips are incapable of this. The unique design of the Grip Pod allows the vertical grip to suddenly transform into a fully functional bi-pod.

The bi-pod is designed with either stainless steel or a high-density polymer. The military grade model comes with stainless steel. The law enforcement model comes with a super strong polymer. They are both flexible. Flexibility is important because you want something that can handle recoil. The bi-pod is able to grab the ground well and has strong traction. The military model is going to be a bit more expensive than the law enforcement model.

It is very important to make sure you buy an authentic Grip Pod®. There are several companies that manufacture imitation models. They look similar, but there are important differences. The knock offs are made with weak materials. Many people report that the bi-pod breaks after only a few uses. The wing nut that is used to tighten the vertical grip to the barrel also strips when being tightened.

These products are extremely popular with the military. Many soldiers who were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan purchased these for their own personal use. They were extremely popular amongst the soldiers. When the soldiers returned home they recommended these grips to their friends in civilian life.

If you own an assault rifle and are looking for a multifunctional vertical grip, then the Grip Pod is an excellent choice. You have the option of either getting the law enforcement model or the military model. Both are excellent products.

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