Top 3 Snipers of All Time

Concealment is one of the most important aspects to being a good sniper. However, there are certain other things that can help a sniper to be a better marksman. For example, a Grippod can help a sniper to steady their aim. This is something that has become popular within the military. Who were some of the best snipers of all time?

Here are three of the best of all time:

#3 Rob Furlong

1400389430281Rob Furlong was a former corporal in the Canadian forces. Rob holds the record for the longest confirmed sniper kill; the kill came in at around 1.51 miles, and it occurred in 2002. It involved operation Anaconda, and Rob was armed with a 50-caliber McMillan Brothers Tac-50 rifle. The bullets being carried in the gun were A-Max low drag bullets. Three shots were fired. The first two missed and it alerted the enemy to his presence. Due to the long distance, it allowed them to take cover. However, by the third shot it hit one of the enemies in the chest killing him.

#2 Carlos Norman Hathcock II

Legendary Sniper Carlos HathcockCarlos Norman Hathcock II has over 93 confirmed kills during the Vietnam War. He was known as the ‘White Feather Sniper,’ and this was because he always carried a white feather in his hat except for one mission. Carlos killed so many Vietnam soldiers that the Vietnam army put a $30,000 bounty on his head. The average Vietnam bounty for a sniper was usually no more than $8, so the amount of money being offered was massive.

The thing that Carlos Norman Hathcock II is most famously known for is a sniper kill that was one of the most famous in history. What happened was Carlos fired a round over a long distance that went through the scope of another sniper and into his eye, killing him. Carlos and his spotter Roland Burke were stalking a sniper who had killed several Marines. Hathcock caught a glimpse of a reflection and in a split second he fired the most precise shot in history. Scientists have confirmed that this shot could only be possible if both guns were aimed at each other. Carlos won out, firing first and pulling off one of the most precise kills in history.

#1 Simo Häyhä

Häyhä after being awarded the honorary rifle model 28He was nicknamed ‘The White Death’ and for good reasons. Simo Häyhä had over 705 confirmed kills. He was a Finnish soldier who carried an iron sighted bolt-action rifle. Simo’s service started in 1925. However, his duties as a sniper began during the “Winter War,” which was between Russia and Finland. Simo lived through temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius. 505 of his kills were accumulated all within a period of less than 100 days. He was on his own all day shooting Russians for over three months straight.

The Russians soon realized that all their troubles were due to a single sniper, so they sent in a counter sniper. His body was quickly returned. Then, the Russians sent in a team of counter-snipers, but when they didn’t come back, the Russians sent in an entire battalion against Simo. That battalion took a lot of casualties, and they still could not find Simo. When the battalion failed, they tried an artillery strike that also failed. He proved to have more lives than a cat.

Häyhä in the 1940s, with visible damage to his left cheek after his 1940 woundSimo Häyhä’s clever sniper tactics were what saved him countless times. He would dress in complete white, and he used a smaller rifle that was built for his frame. The man would also pack snow in front of the barrel so that it would not reveal his position when he shot. He also kept snow in his mouth so his breath would not condense and reveal his position. On March 6, 1940, Simo Häyhä took a stray bullet to the jaw. When troops found him, they claimed that half his head was missing. However, Simo lived and regained consciousness on the 13th day.

These are the top three snipers of all time, and due to their achievements, it should be unquestionable why they were some of the best snipers of all time. They survived conditions and performed kills that lesser snipers would have been killed against.


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