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Product Testing

Functionality means nothing if the product itself can’t withstand the rigorous trials of use. Not only has the Grip Pod ® been proven to withstand the weight of a 240 pound man, but the U.S. Army also tested all known bipods in an open competition for use on the m16a2, m16m4, and m16a4, in CQB, medium, and long range applications. Very harsh testing was conducted for over 9 months. Unlike the Grip Pod®, most of the bipods broke. The Grip Pod® passed the drop test and only weighed 7 oz. It was the lightest of all the bipods in testing, with some weighing up to five times as much. – – – So we’ll not only stand behind our product… We’ll stand ON it.

When every moment could mean the difference between victory and defeat, the speed of your weapon’s accessories must be strictly tested.
With a simple push of a button, the Grip Pod ®’s legs extend in just two tenths of a second.
The Grip Pod ® still stands as the fastest automatic bipod fully adopted by the United States Military, having been speed-tested against it’s rival bipod systems.

Unlike other FORWARD GRIP BIPODs, the Grip Pod® has been strictly battlefield tested by professional soldiers in the world’s harshest of environments. After rigorous use, the Grip Pod® System has been considered durable enough, quick enough, and useful enough to be fully adopted and continuously used by the toughest soldiers in the world.