New Generation of Grip Pod!

New Generation of Grip Pod!

Grip Pod Systems International, LLC. (GPSI) releases a new generation of Grip Pod called the V2

Hollywood, FL – January 18, 2016 – Grip Pod Systems International, LLC. (GPSI), the leader in weapons stabilization systems for military and civilian use and the originator of the forward grip bi-pod, is proud to announce the release of a new version of Grip Pods called the Grip Pod V2.
GPSI has been producing the patented Grip Pod (forward grip bipod) for sale to the US Military and civilian tactical rifle users since 2004. GPSI currently has three models of Grip Pods: the GPS-02 (mil-spec) version, the GPS-LE for civilian use and the GPS-SAW or the (Squad Automatic Weapon) version of the Grip Pod for heavier weapons. The GPS-CL Cam lever version is an attachment option to the thumbscrew version that allows for the quick attachment or detachment of the unit on all three models.
The Grip Pod V2 is the newest version of the most successful forward grip bipod in history. With over one million units sold and fully adopted by all branches of the US military and the British MOD since 2004.
V2The Grip Pod V2 was designed with the shooter in mind. The handle has been reshaped for a more ergonomic fit. Smaller ribs remain on the back and front of the handle and gripping panels were added to both sides of the new version to improve the overall grip. The transition from the attaching mechanism at the top of the Grip Pod to the handle was also tapered to allow for a smoother feel and a better grip.
The internal components of the Grip Pod were also redesigned to increase the strength of the legs at deployment. GPSI is also offering a substantially lower price on the GPS-SAW (Solid Aluminum leg) model. GPSI is committed to continuously improving its products to remain the leader in the forward grip bipod market.
The Grip Pod V2 will be available in both black and flat dark earth (tan) in the military and SAW Grip Pod models (GPS-V2-02 and GPS-V2-SAW). Please visit or email questions to to learn additional details regarding the new models.

For additional questions regarding Grip Pod please contact:
Mark Healy, Director
Phone: 800-471-3144

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