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The M16 Assault Rifle

The M16 Assault Rifle

The M16 Assault Rifle

People have often wondered why the M-16 assault rifle is so popular within the military. The M-16 assault rifle has been used in the military since 1963, when it was first used in the Vietnam War. The first time that it was used in the Vietnam War was in South Vietnam during 1963.

M-16 Enters Into Service During The Vietnam War – Why Was It Popular?

One of the reasons that the M-16 was popular during the Vietnam war was because it was lightweight, reliable and packed a deadly impact. Reliable meaning that it could withstand some of the harshest conditions that could be thrown at it. Vietnam had many rivers, so it helped troops to be able to carry a weapon that could withstand the conditions. When it comes to being able to withstand harsh conditions, another good weapon for doing this would be the AK-47.

As the Vietnam War dragged on, the M-16 rifles became increasingly popular. Even today, 90 percent of the M-16 rifles that were manufactured back in 1960 are still being used to this day. That reveals a durability and quality that is hard to match.

The M-16 Becomes A US Military Favorite

Various versions of the M-16 have been adopted all throughout the military branches of the US. This includes the Navy. The M-16 has been so wildly popular that there are over eight million different versions to this weapon. Another one of the great things about the M-16 is that it allowed for different attachments. A person could, for example, put a bayonet onto the M-16 if it had not been outlawed during the Geneva convention. One popular attachment that has been used on the M-16 is the grenade launcher. Another common choice for attachment is the Grip Pod system. This helps military soldiers to steady their weapon when aiming.

About The M-16

The M-16 is a weapon that can fire over 800 rounds per minute and can hold. This is exceptionally fast considering that the AK-47 can only fire 600 rounds per minute, and even that is a fast weapon that unleashes wild amounts of damage. It is important to understand that there is a slight difference between the right-handed version of the M-16 and the left-handed version of the M-16. The left-handed M-16 version uses a pyramid. The reason a pyramid is used it to help deflect the bullet shells. Despite being a good weapon, one of the thing that was discovered in Vietnam was that the shells were hitting soldiers in the face when the fired the left-handed version.

Civilians And Police Using The M-16

The M-16 has been so popular that even civilians have been using a version of the M-16. It is called the AR-15. Police will also sometimes use the M-16. For example, SWAT teams will sometimes use the M-16.

NATO Adopts The M-16

It was during the late 1970s that NATO adopted the M-16 as one of their main infantry weapons. 50 years later, the M-16 is still a wildly popular weapon for the military, and it shows no signs of being overtaken anytime soon. Another one of the major advantages of the M-16 is that there is no recoil. There have been military DIs who have given demonstrations of putting the butt of the gun onto a recruit’s teeth fired the gun, and been absolutely no recoil. Another advantage of that is that you can continue firing easily without having to aim the weapon again after each shot. This is going to increase precision.

The M-16 is a weapon that has served the military well. Its use is popular to this day because of everything that it can do. It makes for a good military gun that troops can rely on. The best part about this weapon is that it is adaptable and can do multiple things.

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