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Automatic bipod legs extract as quickly as two tenths of a second. X  Yes!
Instantly deploys with the push of a button. X  Yes!
Incredibly light, weighing as little as 7 ounces.  X  Yes!
Patented, multifunction design.  X  Yes!
Models designed for use on squad automatic weapons and other large man – portable weapon systems. (GPS.01SAW)  X  Yes!
Features the ability to add a single or dual light rail accessory.  X  Yes!


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Has been proven to withstand the weight of a 240 pound man standing on a the deployed legs.  X  Yes!
Has come up on top in a 9 month long U.S. Army competitive bipod durability comparison.  X  Yes!
Is constructed with reinforced, advanced aerospace polymer.  X  Yes!
Legs are constructed with polymer which encapsulate stainless steel inserts. (GPS.02)  X  Yes!
Legs are constructed with 7075-T6 aluminum. (GPS.01SAW)  X  Yes!


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Has been completely approved and adopted by the United States Armed Forces.  X  Yes!
Is in use by the United States SWAT teams, DEA, FBI, and Border Patrol.  X  Yes!
Has been adopted for use by the British Army.  X  Yes!